A New Tradition

Wilmington High School seniors will put on their caps and gowns this weekend and close out their time in the Wilmington school system. Graduation is Sunday at 2PM. You can watch it live on WCTV’s Public AND Education Channels: Comcast 9 & 99 / Verizon 37 & 39 / Online in HD: http://wctv.org/WCTV-E-Online.

On Thursday, I attended the graduation rehearsal and saw that while the High School has changed since my childhood in Wilmington, the unwritten traditions have not. There were the constant reminders to graduates not to lose their name cards (used to read their names once they get on stage to get their diplomas). There was the practice (and re-practice) on how to properly get a row of graduates to stand up in unison to walk to the stage. Then there was another reminder not to lose those name cards.

After the rehearsal, students in the Class of 2016 kicked off a new tradition that is sure to continue. They boarded buses and headed to the town’s elementary schools: Woburn Street, Shawsheen, the North and the West. Dressed in their graduation attire, they walked through the hallways where they began their public school journey a decade ago. Kids and teachers lined the hallways, many of them cheering and giving high fives.

It was an amazing experience to see first-hand. Not only was it a special moment for the graduates, I could see the excitement among the younger kids and it was easy to spot the proud teachers who remembered the graduates when they were a couple feet shorter.

WCTV captured about a dozen pictures from the walk-through at the Woburn Street School and posted them to our Facebook page. To all the folks who made this event happen, great job!

Another graduation note…

Congrats to WHS Seniors Amanda Boyle and Sean Tivnan, who were each awarded WCTV Scholarships this past Friday night. Both students have been involved at the station over the years and both of them are looking at the field of communications as they head off to college. Amanda is going to the University of Rhode Island. Sean is attending Ithaca College. We at WCTV wish you both the best of luck!

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