All Politics Is Local

The major political story this week is obviously the inauguration of President Donald Trump.  I'm not here to write about the politics of the election, the reactions or what's next in Washington; because while Washington grabs the national headlines, there are important local votes coming up in the calendar which will have a big impact on the Wilmington community.

Right now, a town budget for the next year is being put together.  Papers are being pulled for various elected positions.  And town leaders are continuing work on a facilities study which could shape how Wilmington looks 10-20 years from now.

So while a lot of attention will be paid to the new Congress and new President, I'd encourage you also to pay attention to what's happening at the local level.

Budgets from both the town and school department will be unveiled in the coming weeks.  Dozens of warrant articles, which will be also voted on at Town Meeting in April, will be read to the public in the next couple months.  And you'll be hearing from the candidates for Selectmen and School Committee as the list gets finalized.

Stay tuned to WCTV (and other local media for that matter) to keep up to date on these issues and candidates.  We'll be having conversations with those who put their names on the ballots and talking with town leaders about what will be in the budget and how the process works.

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