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Having a little bit of writer’s block this week on what to blog about… I usually try to take some inspiration from the programs or events happening around town, and then it hit me: We had a LOT going on at WCTV this week and the programs are a representation of all the different ways…
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Youth Weekend Program: Fall 2016!

As summer winds down, “WCTV Kids & Teens” registration begins for the 2016-2017 season! This year, we will hold a Fall and Spring Semester of WCTV Kids & Teens which will meet 2-3 Saturdays per month, for a total of 10 classes, from 10:30am - 12:30pm. Fall Semester will start on October 8 and Spring…
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A Very “Wilmington Week”

It certainly felt like a very “Wilmington week” over the past seven days. Let me try to explain… It kicked off on Saturday with the Annual Town Clean-Up Day. Volunteers donated their morning to help pick up trash (and whatever else they found) around the community. Public spaces, included Silver Lake, got a lot of…
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Programming Notes: Sept. 25 – Oct. 1

It was a busy week in Wilmington! Check out some of the highlights and a few new shows too! Wilmington’s 12th Annual Half Marathon & 5K Run Or Walk Sunday September 25th was Wilmington's 12th Annual Half Marathon & 5K Run Or Walk. The event was presented by the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce. This video…
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A New Show is Born

Have you seen WCTV’s latest program “The Board Room”? Host “Ronny D.” is going to walk viewers through board and card games that aren’t as well-known as old favorites like Monopoly and Clue. His first show: a tutorial on “Odin’s Ravens”. You can watch the program at the bottom of this page and also click…
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Programming Notes: Sept. 18-24

This week's new programs include a few new locally produced shows and a couple nationally popular programs that are now on our air! Wildlife of Wilmington “Wildlife of Wilmington” shows us what's in Wilmington's backyard. This month’s episode captures some nightlife that might surprise you. Check out the latest episode to see what animals were…
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Programming Notes: Sept. 11 – 17

There were a pair of meetings this week and a big event at Wilmington High School on concussion awareness. Think Taylor Pledge: Concussion Awareness September 12th through the 16th was Concussion Awareness Week across the country. Wilmington High School partook in the action this year with a special rally. We captured the event with former…
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The Board Room

'Chairman Of The Board' Ronny D takes you into the wonderful world of board games. Become a member of his "Board Room", and learn how to play the greatest games to ever come in a cardboard box. Watch The Latest episode below or click here for our on-demand player, which displays shows from the past…
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Programming Notes: Sept. 3 – 10

We have a couple new programs out this week, plus a compilation from our Summer Youth Program. Ice Bucket Challenge The Rotary Club of Wilmington held its second annual “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” in late August. The fundraiser was to support individuals living with ALS and gather donations to help further more research. Our very…
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