Book Stew Turns 50

When someone calls WCTV or comes in the front door with a program idea, we generally ask a few questions...

  • Are you envisioning a studio show or something in the field?
  • Is this a special event you're looking to cover or is it something that's going to continue over the course of months or even years?
  • If it's more than just a one-time program, how often are you thinking?

That last question can scare some potential producers.  "Oh, I don't know... maybe like a program every few months?"  or "I can't imagine doing this more than 4-5 times a year."

But for the past 4+ years, one show has churned out a new program every month, on the first of each month, like clockwork.

This month, Book Stew completed its 50th episode. If you haven't seen Book Stew, it's all about... books.  Producer Eileen MacDougall interviews a different author each month and most of the time, the author is either from the area or is writing about the region.

Eileen books her guests (no pun intended), books studio time (seriously, I'm not trying to make a pun) and then edits her show.  Each month, she puts in hours of work to make her product shine.  And, I hope, she usually has fun doing it.

WCTV helps Eileen with some technical assistance, making sure her studio shows get recorded.  She's also been ambitious in setting up Skype interviews, which we are able to run through our control room.

Book Stew certainly fits a traditional public access television model. A resident is passionate about a specific topic, and wants to share her passion with the community.  Eileen was profiled as a Member Spotlight earlier this year, where she talked more about how she got involved and how she's grown as a producer.

Congratulations on #50 Eileen!  We look forward to #51 and beyond!

For those of you are thinking about show #1, give us a call or send an email!

Shaun Neville
Executive Director


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