Carnival, Curator and Kids

If you have watched Monday's entire Board of Selectmen meeting, give yourself a round of applause.  The meeting went for nearly 4 hours and touched on a number of town topics, including Town Meeting Day, Wilmington Little League and the Chamber of Commerce.  But the topic that drew the most attention (and the crowd) was again the 4th of July Celebration.  An idea from Selectmen Mike Newhouse is getting a lot of support and could open the door for the Board of Appeals to reconsider the carnival proposal.  You can read a good breakdown of the proposal here.  Or you can watch the discussion at the meeting, starting at the 1:10:45 minute mark.  To be continued...

Also this past week, the latest Where's Wilmington tackles a topic that most people in town know about... but might not know MUCH about.  Guest Terri McDermott is the curator at the The Wilmington Town Museum at the Col. Joshua Harnden Tavern.  She talks about Wilmington history and explains what you can find in the museum, even bringing along a few items to show off.

The Wilmington Public Library held its second annual Talent Showcase last weekend.  I was happy to see it included a number of kids who participate in our youth program.  Volunteer Jim Buckley recorded the event.  You can find it airing on our our Public Channel (Comcast 9 / Verizon 37) or watch is On-Demand right now:

Other Notes:

Don't forget to vote on Tuesday in the presidential primary!  If you are not enrolled in a party, you can pick which ballot you want to vote on.

Invitations went out this week for the WCTV Annual Meeting, being held on Wednesday, March 16th at 6PM.  Please RSVP ahead of time so we have enough chairs and food.  If you didn't get an email invite, please let me know (  All members should have been included.

I hope to see many of you there.

Shaun Neville
Executive Director

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