Community Media Day

This Friday is recognized across the country as Community Media Day, which is a time to celebrate what stations like WCTV are all about: community access and information.

In signing a proclamation for last year’s Community Media Day, Governor Charlie Baker recognized the importance of stations like WCTV for engaging the community and informing residents of what’s going on in their towns. Organizations like ours also allow for a public platform, letting anyone come in and create media to share out with their peers.

Consider whether you’d like to get involved.  It could mean coming in to learn about the equipment we have available, or simply recording videos on your own and submitting them to air on our channels.  We’d also love to hear from you on Facebook and Twitter.  This weekend, be sure to tag us and let us know what you like about WCTV and how you find we’re valuable in Wilmington.

Reminder on upcoming workshops and meet-ups:

  • Monday, October 23 at 7PM: Adobe Premiere Editing Class. Learn the basics of video editing from Operations Manager Adam Dusenberry (RSVP:
  • Wednesday, October 25 at 7PM: Podcasting. Come and chat with our staff about the potential for podcasting. You can hear what this relatively new media is all about and see how our podcasting studio works. (RSVP:

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