Community Spirit

It’s been a great week to show off what the Wilmington community is all about.

In case you missed it, our most-watched video over the past few months came from Thursday night’s Wildcat football game; or to be more specific, BEFORE the game. The PA went out right in the middle of the national anthem.  But the crowd barely missed a beat, stepping up to sing most of the second half of the song.  It wasn’t the best night for the 8th grader who had the honor to sing, but it did show off the patriotic spirit in the stands.


On Saturday, the Mass Memories Road Show came to town and didn’t disappoint.  Hundreds of pictures were collected from the community, showing off what Wilmington is like today and in years past.  These photographs will serve as a digital archive of our town, so that future generations can look back and see who we were and the parts of our community that were so special.  Look for the archive to go online in the coming months.  WCTV plans on sharing out all the pieces online and on TV.  Thanks to the Wilmington Memorial Library for organizing this event!


Thursday was the second annual “Night of Healing and Hope” candlelight vigil at the Common. There’s no disputing the fact that there is a drug problem not just in Wilmington, but across the country right now.  This event raises awareness and brings together community leaders to come up with solutions. While this certainly isn’t a “happy” event to hold each year in town, I think we should be proud that this conversation is happening.  WCTV had cameras at the event and will air it in its entirety later this month.


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