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Having a little bit of writer’s block this week on what to blog about… I usually try to take some inspiration from the programs or events happening around town, and then it hit me:

We had a LOT going on at WCTV this week and the programs are a representation of all the different ways that content gets into our station to share with the community.

- There was a candlelight vigil at the Common that we covered with two cameras. (video should be coming next week)
- There were 4 shows recorded in our studio, from one guest to four guests to a special guest who called in via Skype!
- We had an event from the State House that was recorded and shared by the State Police.
- We have three new sporting events on our air… two of them thanks to volunteers and another from a station who shared its footage of an out-of-town Wilmington game.
- We had a member shoot video of a Senior Center event on his phone and upload it to YouTube (Yes! We’ll take those videos!)
- We had a new producer work with a pair of volunteers at his house for a new show he’s developing.
- There was an update we arranged with the town at Yentile Farm … and a library event we recorded and should have out next week.
- A volunteer shot video of his church group organizing a charity effort.
- One of our after-school youth groups also put together their first video of the year!
- We had a resident send in her pictures from Town Clean-Up Day.

Head to our weekly programming note for a recap of all the stuff our staff and volunteers put together.

My point in laying all this out is to show you that you don’t need to have a studio show or guests or even a lot of technical expertise to contribute video to the community. We take so many different “flavors” and want to be the conduit for getting this content out to the public. Odds are, everyone can find SOMETHING in that list above that they care about.

Have an event? The first step is to let us know about it. We might have a volunteer who wants to check it out. Or maybe someone in your organization/family is interested in taking some basic camera training to record it. OR… you can snap some pictures or quick videos and send them our way. We look forward to continuing to grow in the community.

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