Crew Call!

Stop me if you've heard this one before... but have you ever considered lending a hand to help make community media possible?  Actually, don't stop me.  Hear me out again, even if you're heard the pitch before.

WCTV has hundreds of volunteers on its membership list, from people who signed up in 2016 to people who signed up DECADES ago.  And while we tend to block off membership into categories like "producers", "crew" or "youth" for example, the reality is that each member we have has a different way they interact with WCTV and they're each looking to get something different out of the experience.

Maybe they're looking to produce studio programming, whether it be once a month or maybe 6 times a year.  Maybe they like covering events in the community that are important to them, whether it be sports, concerts or coverage around the 4th of July.  Or maybe they just like being a part of the process, lending a hand with a studio or field camera and being a part of the experience.

That last group is really important, because like a lot of things in life, it's the people working behind the scenes who help make the finished product what it is.

Do you have an interest in a specific WCTV program or Wilmington community event?  Maybe it's a studio show or a cooking program (with the potential for samples!).  Perhaps it's a sports team in town or the Memorial Day Parade.

Do you have an interest in videoography or photography? Maybe you'd like to learn how to direct a show (I assure you... we can train you how to do that) or learn how to edit multiple pieces together into a finished product.

We'd love to hear from you about your potential interests.  As WCTV programming grows, so does the need for more people willing to volunteer an hour or two of their time each month (or even every couple of months) to be a part of the process.

Contact WCTV at 978-657-4066 or email Executive Director Shaun Neville at

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