Facebook Hits 1,000

This week, WCTV hit a big online milestone, picking up our 1,000th person to “Like” us on Facebook. For us, it’s not popularity contest (although we continue to be jealous at how well the Wilmington Police Department does!). But by picking up new likes on our page, we’re able to deliver community content to a bigger audience.

As soon as our programs are rendered and ready to air, we usually post an alert to our Facebook page. It’s a signal not only that the videos are on our television channels, but you can also watch the programming from your computer, tablet or smartphone (By the way, as an interesting aside: most of our online viewership happens on smartphones, not traditional computers.)

Nothing we post online is an online “exclusive”. Everything filters back to our television channels. But social media gives us a platform to reach people who might not watch our channels on a regular basis. Facebook is also a great outlet for shorter video clips (2-8 minutes) that might not fit the traditional television format, but still fall right in line with our community media strategy.

It’s been encouraging to see our Facebook audience grow over time, because in reality, it’s a WCTV audience. It means all the community events, programs and meetings that are put together by our volunteers and staff can reach more people. We certainly appreciate the feedback we get, whether it be a “like”, comment or even old-fashioned “in-person”.

A quick note that our Facebook page is “public”. That means you don’t have to have your own profile to view what we post. It’s the same with Twitter, where you can also stay up to date on what content we’re sharing.

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