Giving Thanks

As I being to wrap up my first year at WCTV, it feels like the right time to say "thanks" to those who have made it such a pleasure to be part of the community...

First up, is the community as a whole.  It's been great reconnecting with folks who I knew growing up in town.  But it's been just as rewarding meeting new people who are helping shape the town's future.  Whenever I visit Town Hall, the high school or the Common, I find so many people who are keeping Wilmington a great place to live and work.  When I go to seek partnerships or need help on certain projects, it seems like I can always find someone, whether it be a town administrator or a custodian, who is willing to offer a hand.

I'd also like to thank our WCTV Members.  Without them, the station wouldn't be what it is.  Whether it's show producers or people willing to operate a studio camera, we have a solid base of folks who are invested in the station and helping provide Wilmington with quality local programming.   In addition to our long-time members, we've seen a lot of new faces in 2016 and I hope to see even more as we get into 2017.

Some of those members are local students and I want to give them a special "shout-out".  We have youth programs running 4 days of the week and also have summer programs for kids.  Yes, it's loud sometimes.  But we love having them at the station, teaching them the basics of TV and seeing their minds run with ideas.  We try to give them a baseline of knowledge and some guidance on how to put things together.  But then their creativity takes over.

This youth group includes our interns.  We have two high school students in each week, working on various projects.  They are quick learners and help put together a lot of the community-focused projects that you've seen over the past year.  It's nice to have a set of hands that can help with everything from camera to editing to being on-air.

Finally, a big thanks to my WCTV staff.  Over the past year, we've been doing a lot more in the community.  That can't happen unless the people who come to work at WCTV are on board with our goal to be a vibrant television station for Wilmington.  Whether it be welcoming new producers or producing content for a local audience, the staff has always been there to help.  As you see content appear regularly on TV, our website and on social media, know that there is a team of people who make it happen.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Shaun Neville
Executive Director

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