GoPro Winter Scenes

It's not every day we spot a good opportunity for our GoPro camera.  Wednesday was one of those times.

The past few stow storms have been a bit too windy or too cold to step outside.  Wednesday's storm was relatively calm and with temperatures hovering around 30, it wasn't too bad outside.

I set up our GoPro camera at spots on the Town Common and over at Yentile Farm, shooting for a little over an hour to get some nice long shots we could then speed up into a time lapse.  Check out the videos we put together below.  You'll also see them airing on our channels in the coming weeks in between regular programming.

Want to try out our GoPro?  It's available to WCTV members who are looking to shoot video around the community.  Let us know if you want to sign up and get some training!


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