Introducing Our New Set(s)!

We are very excited this week to show off new studio set pieces.  They are professional looking panels that will now serve as the primary backgrounds for WCTV studio productions.  While it's visually pleasing for the viewer, it's also a cool production tool for our volunteers, who will be able to rearrange the panels to create a set design that work best for them.

As you can see, there are three panels which are a light grey on top with a brown base, which matches the desk unit used on a number of our programs.  Those panels then rotate 180 degrees to reveal a blue/aluminum combo.

The accent pieces are a light grey stacked stone on one side and then rotate to reveal a brick pattern that might even bring back some memories of the Swain School (which housed WCTV until 2009).

"Where's Wilmington" host Lisa Kapala took the new set for a test drive this week.  Check out the program below to get a sense for how the panels look on video.

There are a few more features coming, so stay tuned for additional looks.

-Shaun Neville
Executive Director

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