Introducing “WCTV Podcast’

"Television" might be in our name, but that doesn't mean we're not looking at how other forms of media might fit in here at WCTV.  Introducing WCTV Podcast!

Have a show idea?  Looking to bring on guests from the community?  Well now you don't have to get in front of the cameras to make that happen.  Our Podcast Studio lets you sit behind a microphone and chat in a relaxed setting.

Our Podcast Studio isn't a new space.  Many members will recognize it as the "WCTV Radio Studio", which was first built in 2009.  After seeing it sit dormant for some time, we're hoping a new name and a new emphasis will drive people to use the space.

The podcasts will live online through a platform called SoundCloud and will also play on one of our TV Channels.  As with our regular televised programming, there are no restrictions on length, meaning you can talk for 5 minutes or an hour, or anywhere in between.

Interested in learning more?  Give us a call at 978-657-4066.  We'll get you set up with training and you can start experimenting with the studio.

Or if you're just interested in checking out the content, we've already got some on there! Our first Podcast series comes from the North Intermediate School: "Now This From The North Nurse!"  The School Nurse often gives out health tips to students and will use the Podcast platform to get advice out to kids and parents.

We'll also be posting Podcast versions of some of our popular TV shows like Book Stew, Town Topics and Where's Wilmington.  While those shows aren't "built" for radio, it's another way you can enjoy them.

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