Investments Put To Use

I took a drive through Wilmington on Wednesday night after work. (I was headed out to watch Game One between the Celtics and Cavs with a friend. Ouch.) On my way to dinner, I couldn't help but notice the community was buzzing and the points of interest were all recent investments.

First up, I drove past the high school. The parking lot was packed with cars for that night's choral concert in the auditorium. Kids from all across the school system were singing for their parents and other family members. WCTV aired the show LIVE and it's now available online and on TV.


A few minutes later, I passed by the Yentile Farm Recreational Facility. While the park has been open for over a month, the Grand Opening ceremony was just this past weekend. The park was hopping, with both basketball courts being used, a bunch of kids on the playgrounds and some people walking around the field. You can watch last Saturday's ceremony on WCTV's Public Channel or online.


On my way out of town, I drove past the dog park.  The park opened last year and is getting lots of use. On Wednesday, there were a few dog owners enjoying a warm evening in the shade.

The town of Wilmington has been a substantial investment over the past few years on these locations and it's great to see them getting good use. While I don't think there are short-term projects that match the scale of the high school and Yentile, I can't wait to see what enhancements come next to improve the community.

Shaun Neville
Executive Director

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