Lessons from Celtics Night

WCTV took part in a special event in Boston this week. The Celtics put together a “Video Producers of the Future” night at TD Garden on Wednesday evening. The event was targeted to kids of all ages, from middle school to college, and featured 5 speakers who have gone into the communications field. They included those who have pursued filmmaking and video production, as well as a couple members of the Celtics media team: the main videographer for Celtics.com and the director who operates the Jumbo Tron during games (how cool is that job!). One of the panelists started out in public access and a few of them took routes to their current jobs through television newsrooms.

Hundreds of aspiring video producers turned out to hear the advice before the Celtics game. The main message was pretty consistent: Learn how all aspects of a production get put together, from recording and editing to interview skills and hosting duties. They will help you understand how to make your own work better. Even if you want to focus on one aspect of communications, your ability to understand everyone’s jobs will win over allies and improve your project management skills.

The other main message for kids was to identify what they’d like to do and get as much practice as they can. If they want to shoot sports, GO SHOOT SPORTS. If they want to be a good interviewer, START INTERVIEWING PEOPLE. It’s never too early to start developing your skill sets. Getting early experience will put you ahead of your peers in college and when you’re eventually looking for a job.

I couldn’t help but sit there and think about how valuable a resource WCTV can be for kids looking to get into the communications field. Kids who come to our programs get all sorts of hands-on experience and are able to work on their talents. I can say from first-hand experience that not every child has that sort of opportunity. I started doing play-by-play and producing shows at WCTV when I was in middle school. By the time I got to college, I was among the top tier of students who knew how the process worked. And while practice doesn’t always make perfect (evidence: I am NOT currently the voice of the Boston Red Sox), it will make you a lot better at what you do.

Thanks to the members of our weekend youth program who took part in Wednesday’s program (and their parents for chaperoning the event). I will be sure to publicize similar events as they come up.

That’s all for this week. Our annual membership meeting is quickly approaching (March 15th). If you have yet to RSVP, please do so, so we have an accurate head count. See you all around.

Shaun Neville
Executive Director

More details to come in tomorrow's blog post, but here are some more pictures from last night's Video Producers of the...

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