Looking for WCTV in HD?

We know it's not always easy to find Wilmington programs on your television.

First, you need to know the channels.  If you didn't know WCTV was on channels 9, 22 and 99 on Comcast and 37, 38 and 39 on Verizon, you likely wouldn't just be flipping through those numbers and have a program catch your eye.

But even if you know our channels, you still need to know what's on. Our schedules are listed online, and last week, we introduced "Content Blocks" to help you find the freshest content.  But if you look on your cable provider's on-screen program guide, all you get is "Local Programming."

But what if you could find WCTV in HD, alongside other HD channels?  You'd probably find yourself flipping past programming that might be of interest, right?

What if instead of "Local Programming", your on-screen guide listed "Board of Selectmen" or "Wilmington High School Football" or "Fourth of July Highlights."  I'd bet that would really spark some interest in our channels.

There is a bill at the State House right now to make that happen. It's in committee, and has a long ways to go. But community media centers like WCTV see it as a great opportunity to bring local programming back into the forefront.

I spoke on Monday at the Board of Selectmen meeting on this issue, and would like to thank the town's elected leaders for voicing support for this bill and asking our state legislators to advocate for it.

We at WCTV don't view this as a win for our station, but rather a win for the community.

If you'd like to communicate your support, the bill numbers you need to know are H2682 in the House and S1857 in the Senate.  The bill itself is called An Act Supporting Community Access Television.  Sen. Bruce Tarr (Bruce.Tarr@masenate.gov / 617-722-1600) and Rep. Ken Gordan (Ken.Gordon@mahouse.gov / 617-722-2017 ) are already petitioners of this bill, and we look forward to hearing from Rep. James Miceli (James.Miceli@mahouse.gov / 617-722-2305).

I look forward to bringing good news in the months to come!

Shaun Neville
WCTV Executive Director

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