Mark Ryan Steps Into The World of Podcasting

This week's blog is from Scott Kurland, who, along with Lisa Kapala, has been working with Mark on Podcasting for the past couple of months.

Mark Ryan is a renaissance man around town. He serves on the Board of Commissioners at the Buzzell Senior Center, he's a volunteer here at WCTV, and he's an accomplished author. Mark started out at WCTV about a year ago submitting his videos from various senior center outings. From there he started to come in regularly to operate cameras, learn editing, and attends our monthly "Media Meet-Ups." Yet it was Mark's latest novel "Escape North," that inspired him to get into podcasting here.

"Mark's Musings" is a new podcast created by Ryan to be a hybrid of audiobook readings, author interviews, and an in-depth look at his writing process. Mark knew very little about podcasting, and came to us to show him how to do it.  From their, Lisa Kapala and I sat down with him, showed him how to record in the audio studio and he hit the ground running. Mark is a prime example of a WCTV success story.

Like Mark, anyone can come to WCTV learn any or all aspects of production and create your own content. Whether it is a podcast, a show, PSAs, or training we can give you the tools you need to create something to be proud of. Great job Mark, and we hope to see you all down at the station!

You can listen to "Mark's Musings" by clicking on the playlist below:

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