Mass Memories Road Show

It's almost time to help be a part of Wilmington history.

Next Saturday, September 30th, the Mass Memories Road Show is coming to town and YOU'RE  invited to participate.

This project is organized by archivists at UMass Boston, who are working to create a digital archive of every community in Massachusetts.

They are seeking pictures from residents.  It doesn't matter if you've only lived here for a couple of weeks or have been here your whole life.  Right now, you are part of the "snapshot" of Wilmington and that's what's important.

Here's how to prepare: Find up to 3 pictures that you'd like to include in the archive.  They can be old family photos or something you snapped on your phone last week.  They can be scenic shots from around town or a backyard birthday party.  The point of the project is to show what life is like in Wilmington.  So in 50... 70... 100 years, people can look back at these pictures and see what we were all about.

Here's where you go:  Next Saturday, from 10AM-3PM, go to the Wilmington High School cafeteria with your three pictures.  You should either bring the original pictures, or if they're digital, bring them in that format.  Don't try scanning your Polaroids or using an ink jet printer to get hard copies of your digital prints.  The organizers are experts at archiving and will know the best ways to get your original photos.

The whole process of collecting your pictures should only take 20-30 minutes.  Organizers and volunteers will be asking questions about when the picture was taken, who's in the shot and what it shows.  There will also be an opportunity to record a video, talking about why you chose the pictures you brought.

Watch the video below for a recent "Where's Wilmington" interview that gives more of the details. We've also put a quick PSA on Facebook that you can share out.

The Wilmington Memorial Library is the primary organizer of this event and you can find their flyer with full details here.  What does the finished product look like?  Check out the Mass Memories Road Show website here to see all the collections already put together.

This is meant to be a FUN community event.  And I certainly hope a lot of you end up participating.

- Shaun Neville
   WCTV Executive Director

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