Member Spotlight: Cameron Quinlan

This month "Member Spotlight" shines the light on our very own intern and music maestro extraordinaire Cameron Quinlan. We sat down with Cam and asked a few questions about starting out in the summer program, composing music, and what his dream project is. You can check out both the  Q&A  and Podcast below or listen to Cam's music here.

WCTV: So Cam, how long have you been an intern with WCTV? And did this come about because you were in the summer & after school program?

CQ: I’ve been an intern since March of 2016. Yeah, it started because I did the summer program which turned into the after school thing. Then there were sign-ups for the internship, and yeah that’s how it happened.

WCTV: What has been like creating your own projects? Shooting, editing, and composing the musical scores?

CQ: It was intimidating at first, but once I started doing it more I noticed it got easier. Then it just clicked I guess. Writing music started a few years back when I started playing piano. Then I started getting into electronic music, which started as an app on the phone that I did with a friend, then I went into FL Studio. I’ve been doing FL studio ever since.

WCTV: What appeals to you about music? Is it the ability to tap into different genres or is it the music that drives you?

CQ: I’ve mainly focused on a genre of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) called witch house. I think it’s the sound of witch house I like. I don’t really know why I'm drawn to it, I just like it. With music itself, I like the ability to span across genres and tap into them whether it's on past projects or future ones. There's something universal about music both listening and writing it. I really like to that aspect.

WCTV: Who are your biggest musical influences? Like what bands or solo artist really inspire your music?

CQ: I’ve been recently into this producer named CAT who does witch house. Essex I like his sound, I kind of compare mine to his. One of my friend Baka Brigade, I really like his music. I don’t know they all inspire me.

WCTV: What are you more passionate about video production or music composition?

CQ: Ah, I’d like to do both for a job one day. I don’t know; that’s a tough question. I feel more connected to music, because I’ve been teaching myself for the last two or three years. I do love working with the cameras, photoshop, and editing videos, so that's a tough one.

WCTV: What is your dream project? I know you like to write. Is it literary based? Writing an entire musical? Making a film? 

CQ: Probably taking the book series I’m writing with a friend and making that a film. I’d rather make it a film, if I did a TV series it would not make it past like two seasons. I feel like film would be a better scene for what I’m trying to get at. Like a trilogy of films to me is better than a two season show.

WCTV: Why do you think starting in television production at a young age has been beneficial for you?

CQ: Well, it exposes you to technology at an early age which is always a good thing…within reason. It helps with college, and can get you into better schools. Doing community access really helps get you (me in this situation) involved with the community and do events that help the town out. It's really important to give back to your community.

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