Member Spotlight: Eileen MacDougall

This month “Member Spotlight” shines the light on Eileen MacDougall volunteer & producer extraordinaire. Eileen is the host and producer of “Book Stew” on the Public channel (Comcast Ch. 9 & Verizon Ch. 37). We sat down with Eileen in the podcast studio and asked a few questions about what got her involved with WCTV. You can check out both the  Q&A  and Podcast below.

WCTV: Eileen, thank you so much for being this month's "Member Spotlight." How long have you been member at WCTV?

EM: Oh God, let me think…um three years. I’ve done 44 shows. Yeah, about three years. Give or take a few months.

WCTV: What was it that got you involved with WCTV?

EM: Former Executive Director Sandra Curtain came to a book talk I was giving. After the event she approached me because WCTV didn’t have a book base show. She asked me if this was something I’d be interested in doing and the rest is history. I said yes, if you couldn't tell.

WCTV:(Laughing) Yes, you most certainly did. What productions do you work on most often here at WCTV? Not including “Book Stew.”

EM: Not including “Book Stew,” whenever there’s a crew call for an in studio camera shoot I try and help out. That’s always fun to do, like filming a “Where’s Wilmington?” I just did cameras for the “Candidates Conversations.”  It’s nice to come in and do cameras when I can. Also it’s nice when it’s not my show and I don’t have to worry about last minute problems.

WCTV: What is your favorite episode of “Book Stew” you've worked?

EM: (Chuckling as she says this.) My glib answer would be to say the latest one, haha. But to give an honest answer; we did a two part episode called “The Boy with the Knife.” I interviewed both the author of the book and the subject Karter Reed. It was very emotional and moving.  Karter was 16 when he stabbed another student in High School, and he served 20 years of his sentence. That two part episode was just so moving and his story fascinated me.

WCTV: Book Stew is one the most unique shows, not because it’s just about all the aspects of literature. You also film it months in advance and are able to release them at your own leisure. Why did you decide to do it that way?

EM: My thinking was this, if I could tape a year in one day I would. It brings a comfort level to this entire process; I can get it all done at once and only worry about editing the episodes. Then I can come in at my leisure and edit whenever it fits into my schedule. Also, If I decide to go on a vacation or have an emergency come up I don’t have to worry about canceling a show, because the show is already done.

WCTV: Do you have any big plans or projects you’re going to try and get accomplished in 2017?

EM: On my 50th episode, or I should say when I get to my 50th episode; I will be the guest. I want to do a show that is about all the wonderful authors I’ve met through out the years. It’s my indulgence episode for hitting the half century mark with “Book Stew.”

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