Member Spotlight: Jim Buckley

WCTV Members Spotlight: Jim Buckley

This month the spotlight shines on Jim Buckley. Jim has been a long time contributor & producer. Luckily, we were able to sit down with Jim and ask him a few questions. Check out our podcast and our Q&A below.

MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Jim Buckley Podcast

WCTV : How long have you been an active member of WCTV?

JB: Oh, I’ve probably been a member and volunteer for about 30 years. I started back when you guys were at the Swain School. I first started by filming the Lion’s Club. They held an event with Santa (Paul Curtain was Santa at the time), yeah the Lion’s club put that on and I just thought I’d help film it at the studio. That was fun, there were people dressed up in animal costumes handing out gifts. They had this model train set up that the kids were fascinated with. I filmed that as my first event.

WCTV:  Why did you decide to become involved with WCTV?

JB: I was looking for a hobby to fill up my Winters. Tom Pazyra basically got me involved, and has been my mentor ever since. I still go to Tom to this day and I am constantly learning from him.

WCTV: What productions do you work on most often here at WCTV?

JB: It use to be "Eric the Youngest Conductor." That was a program I did to help my grandson with his autism. We’re members of a train club that travels all over the country to ride and look at different types of trains. I use to film Eric as he went with the club on these events. I did that for a long time. My most frequent production that I continue to do is the St. Thomas-Villanova Catholic Church service, that’s how I’m buying my way into heaven. (Jim lets out a little chuckle.)

WCTV: (laughing)Thank you for your honesty. What is your favorite project you've worked on here at WCTV?

JB: Definitely "Eric the Youngest Conductor," because I got to spend a lot of time with my grandson. There was one other project, back in the day we use to travel to the Red Sox Spring training camp. We would interview the players, and capture their progress on tape. Tape, that shows you how long ago it was. Filming those two hold a special place in my production career.

WCTV:  What projects are you working on now?

JB: St. Thomas that’s an on going thing. I just finished up the Boston Metro Hi-Railers Railroad Club Open house.

WCTV: Your Boston Hi-Railers Railroad Club Open House is now currently airing on the station. How was filming that event?

JB: I’ve been filming that for a long time. It’s been so long ago that like the Red Sox training I was using tape to film those open houses. I love that event, seeing the rewarding look that the club owners have throwing that event is always great to film. I like seeing how happy all the families are, not to mention all the kids watching the trains. That right there makes all this filming such a great hobby to do. Everyone should do it.

WCTV: Do you have any big plans or projects you’re going to try and get accomplished in 2017?

JB: I basically just look at the WCTV calendar and see what needs to be filmed. Or what studio shoots you need help with. I try to get involved with whatever I can. Staying consistent with whatever I’m doing is the real key to whatever I’m doing. I use to film fly fishing back in the day, I think I’d like to do that again. Then there’s the St. Thomas services every Sunday. I think that covers my big plans for this year.

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