Member Spotlight: Jim Durkee

This month “Member Spotlight” shines the light on Jim Durkee. If you don’t know Jim, he’s been a long time member of WCTV for almost three decades. Jim has been a frequent contributor to the station filming the monthly Elder services meetings. We sat down with Jim to ask him a few questions:


WCTV : How long have you been an active member of WCTV Jim?

JD: Oh let’s see…um I’d have to say almost twenty closer to twenty five years. Yeah, about Twenty-ish years give or take.


WCTV: Why did you decide to become involved with WCTV?

JD: I got involved because of my daughter, she told me to join. She was Executive Director of WCTV at the time and said I was going to get involved and I said OK!


WCTV: What productions do you work on most often here at WCTV?

JD: Not much anymore, but long ago I’d go out and film school events, concerts, basically whatever they told me to do. These days I tend to just film the Elderly services meetings. Back in the day I was more involved, but these days the meetings are what I’m more interested in.


WCTV: Do you have any big plans or projects you’re going to try and get accomplished in 2017?
JD: No…haha. I’m just going to keep filming the meetings for the senior center, that’s about it.


WCTV: Final question why should people get involved with WCTV?
JD: They should get involved because of the experience it gives you. You don’t have to do too much, learn how to use the cameras. Film an event or meeting. All that matters is just finding something to do, and giving back to your community. Also, it’s a lot of fun, so there’s another reason right there!

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