Member Spotlight: The Awesome Cooks

This month we shine the light on the Awesome Cooks. They were once named the 4 Awesome cooks; however that number of members is growing. You can watch them on the WCTV Education channel (Comcast 99/ Verizon 39) or on the WCTV VOD player right here. We sat down with all six of these impressive young ladies to ask them a few questions. Check out their podcast and Q&A below.

WCTV : How long have you been active members of WCTV?
TAC: It’s been a year for the Adriana, Taylor, Marissa, and Danielle. We started last year in the Summer program. But Shea & Kelli have been part of the youth stuff since 4th or 5th grade. So that’s a big difference between the six of us.


WCTV: Why did you decide to become involved with WCTV?
TAC: Our mom’s signed us up. *They all start laughing.* It’s more complicated then that, but one of our mothers found out about the summer program. Then they spread the word, and here we all are.


WCTV: Where do you girls get your ideas for what you make? Follow up question. Why did you pick cooking to be the topic for the show?
TAC: Well Adriana wanted to do cooking. So we thought that was the best idea to make little snacks and stuff. We usually go to Pinterest or YouTube for the ideas. There’s a lot of great things there. But sometimes we make up the recipes like the Ocean patch drink.


WCTV: What is your favorite episode you've worked on? And what did you make?
TAC: Actually our most recent episode we filmed “The Summer Treats” episode has been the best. Making the watermelon cookies, indoor S’mores, and the ice cream sandwiches. We just filmed it, but it was so much fun!


WCTV: Are there any TV Chefs or Youtube personalities you look up to?
TAC: There’s the Cake Boss, Rosanna Pansino (on YouTube), but we try to look up to ourselves and be our own role models.


WCTV: Do you have any big plans or projects you’re going to try and get accomplished in 2017?
TAC: MERCH!!! We want to sell merchandise like t-shirts. Our end goal is to get YouTube famous, and I think our biggest goal for 2017 is to throw a bake sale!

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