Member Spotlight: Zachary Weinstein

This month we shine the light on Zachary Weintein. Zack is a thirteen year old walking encyclopedia of scientific knowledge. Zack, is also a member of the youth program, a frequent volunteer, and host of "I've Got A Theroy." We sat down with Zack and got to learn a little bit more about this special member. You can check out both the Q&A and podcast below:


WCTV's Q&A With Zack:

WCTV: First of all thank you for being here. Let’s start with an easy question. How long have you been an active member of WCTV?
ZW: About a year... has it been a year? Yeah, a year.


WCTV:  Why did you decide to become involved with WCTV?
ZW: I originally saw the channel on TV and I was like. ‘Whoa, we have a TV station? In town?’ Then I signed up for the summer program and that’s how I got involved.


WCTV: What was the first project, not Youth Program related that you worked on using WCTV equipment?
ZW: I think that was “I’ve Got a Theory,” a science show I’m working on. It technically started in the summer program as something else. Something smaller, but it’s become its own series.


WCTV: What is your favorite project you've worked on?
ZW: It’s a tie between “Tech Squad (a podcast that I do with my friends)” and “I’ve got a theory”.


WCTV: Why?
ZW: I like talking about science and technology. I think it’s because I know how it fits into being part of our world and its purpose, that fascinates me. But mainly I like working with my friends.


WCTV:  Is there any projects you’d like to work on or film in the future?
ZW: Um, in the future I would enjoy creating my own science or technology based series. One that is fictional but is backed by scientific fact.


WCTV: Do you have any big plans or projects you’re going to try and get accomplished in 2017?
ZW: I want to do an entire season of I’ve Got Theory. I want to talk about multidimensional space, I want to do an episode on ethics.


WCTV: Any misconceptions about making videos you learned about from WCTV?
ZW: I think one of the biggest misconception is that experience is needed to come here and help out. That isn’t true at all. You don’t  need a lot of experience because you can learn it very quickly from the staff or others.


WCTV: Why do you think people should come to WCTV?
ZW: It’s like getting involved with a town committee, you get to interview people, and learn something about your community along the way. It goes even further beyond that. It could be that  you just want to use various recording devices, and you can do that too. I think it’s because this place is like a real television station right in our town, and if you have that; why not utilize it? Everyone should because this place is great.

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