Member Spotlight: Mark Ryan

The spotlight is shining on Mark Ryan this month. Mark has been a member with WCTV for some time now and has contributed with both production help, creating & editing his own videos, and attending our workshops. Mark has begun to venture into the world of podcasting so we took this opportunity to sit down with him. Scroll down below to hear our podcast & read the article we did with Mark.

WCTV : How long have you been an active member of WCTV?
MR: Oh, let’s see, uh about two years now.


WCTV: Why did you decide to become involved with WCTV?
MR: Someone suggested I send my videos I took of Senior center trips to WCTV. Then you started airing those every time I submitted something. After that you, invited me to come in and learn some of your editing software. Then I started helping out with shows doing cameras, and attending the workshops you offered.


WCTV: What made you want to get into podcasting?
MR: It was a way of getting information about my books out into the world wide web, and broadening my author platform. I've enjoyed trying to be as creative as possible with the podcasting, right now on the show I’ve been doing the readings, author interviews and talking about my writing routine. I keep trying to think of other ways of increasing my audience and developing my show.


WCTV: Switching tracks. Your podcast is about writing and you read from the books you wrote. When did you start writing yous books?
MR: I started writing about ten/ fifteen years ago. I started writing short stories. I think it was probably longer than ten years. So maybe closer to fifteen years; or even twenty years.


WCTV: You film a lot for the senior center. Is there a specific event you covered that you were proud you caught on video?
MR: I think I’m most proud of the earlier ones because I mixed video and photos together. I think I was learning the more I did the videos, and it was the experimenting that helped me create my own style.


WCTV: Do you have any big plans or projects you’re going to try and get accomplish this year? A fourth book? Creating your on tv show?
MR: I'm still writing short stories, I belong to the writer's group in town. I have to continue to write a few short stories, so that I can post them on to I put a couple of stories on there. Recently I put together a book project with the writer's group publishing this anthology through the library. That takes up a lot of my time because there's deadlines I'm trying to meet. With that project I'm writing a short story called "The Mysterious Baghdad Battery." It's a time travel story, which is in my wheelhouse.


WCTV: What do you love about coming to WCTV? And Why should people come here or to any public access station?
MR: I think it's because you have such a variety of things going on here that I love. You are so tuned into the community that there's always so much to do. The technical things I'm learning down here are very intriguing to me. The TV shows & podcasts are just so unique and everyone is so wonderful. You all have this wealth of knowledge. I just enjoy learning new things every day, and this place gives me the opportunity to learn something new every day. Everyone is so welcoming and inviting that it makes you want to come back and get involved.

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