Member Spotlight: Paul Hipple

This month "Member Spotlight" shines the light on long time volunteer Paul Hipple. We sat down with Paul and asked a few questions about how he got his start recording the Wilmington United Methodist Church services, his time on the WCTV Board of Directors, and much more. You can check out both the Q&A and podcast below:

WCTV: Why did you decide to become involved with WCTV?
PH: Well, back in 2000 the previous videographer for the church left. They asked me if I’d be interested in taking over. So I did, then I started dropping the videos off at WCTV when it was at the Swain school. From there I got involved with helping Ron and Don doing the town meetings and helping out on Paul Cardello’s show “Sports Forum.”

WCTV: What was the first non-Church related project  that you worked on for WCTV? Do you remember?
PH: No I don’t hahaha. I think it was “Sports Forum.” It wasn’t until a few years into doing the church services that I really helped out at WCTV. I’d have to say working on stuff like "Promenade," "Graduation", and the "Operation Safe Prom" was when I really started volunteering.

WCTV: What is your favorite project you've worked on here?
PH: There’s a lot of them. I’d have to think about that one. For the most part I’d say Cardello’s shows, because I got to meet a lot of celebrities. Maybe some of Rick’s (Aronofsky) stuff because it was sports related. I will say that I did about 8 mission trips from the church that I filmed and played on the channel. I’m really proud of videos like that.

WCTV: Is there any projects you’d like to work on or film in the future?
PH: I’d love to work on a real film set and work with a film crew; like as a grip or production hand. I thought it was really cool when they filmed “The Fighter” in Lowell. I would have loved to help out on that set.

WCTV: Do you have any big plans or projects you’re going to try and get accomplished in 2017?
PH: Most of the projects I’ve done are for other people. I’d like to do something personal like my own show with my own crew. However, finding time to do that is hard, but that would be great to accomplish.

WCTV: Why do you think people should come to WCTV?
PH: The only reason you should get involved with anything is because you want to. There’s always something here for someone to do. But you have to have that passion within you to do it. This is a great place to learn production, do a podcast, and most importantly you get to meet new people.

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