January 2nd, 2018

Beginning in 2018, all WCTV members, ages 18 and older, must submit to a CORI background check in order to use the facility, check out equipment or be a part of a WCTV crew. This change was not made in response to any specific incident or member. Rather, the WCTV Board of Directors felt this step was warranted given the amount of youth members here on a weekly basis, as well as the ease in which WCTV equipment can be checked out.

What is CORI?
A CORI background check is administered by the state. It takes your name, address and parts of your social security number to check for a criminal background. Member privacy is extremely important to us. Any information submitted for a CORI check, as well as any information that comes back from the state, will be kept confidential. Our Office Manager, Mary Leard, and I will be the only ones with access to this information, and will also be the only ones able to process your form.

If detrimental information comes back from the state, I will make the judgement call on whether an applicant is accepted. There is no black-and-white answer as to whether someone will or won't become a member.

What's next?
New WCTV members are now required to go through this process.
Existing WCTV members, ages 18 and older,
should get this done by mid-January. Failure to do so will result in removal from our active membership list. Forms are located at WCTV (and online). Note that Mary or I must be at the station to accept these forms and validate your information with a photo ID. Please confirm that one of us will be on site when you plan to stop by.

Thank you for your cooperation in this process. This was not an issue the Board of Directors took lightly.  Anyone with questions can feel free to contact me.  Our full CORI policy is located at the station, and online here.

Shaun Neville
Executive Director