More Survey Data

Last month, I wrote about highlights from the poll we conducted of Wilmington residents in the spring.  It touched on DVR, HD and how often people are watching WCTV. This week, I'm going to reveal more of the results, which will help guide our mission going forward.

The survey laid out nearly a dozen programming categories and asked people which ones they were most interested in viewing.  There were 3 categories that rose to the top: Community events, meeting and school events.  Each of those were checked off as at least "somewhat interesting" by about 90% of those surveyed.

This helps us decide where to invest resources and make sure our community is being served the programming it wants.  It's why you'll (hopefully) see WCTV at cameras at major community and school events, and at meetings that get a lot of attention.

All that being said, every single program has an audience somewhere (each category we surveyed hit at least 40% "somewhat interested").  And just because a large segment of the population isn't calling for a show about ferrets doesn't mean there's not a ferret-friendly audience in Wilmington looking to tune into the next episode (*There is no ferret show.  This was an hypothetical.  But if you want to start one, give us a call!)

WCTV is here to provide ALL SORTS OF PROGRAMS.  Community producers can come in and do a show about a topic they're interested in.  Meantime, we'll make sure those big events are covered as well.

Viewers may not watch every program we air, but my hope is that they can occationally find something from WCTV that catches their interest.

-  Shaun Neville
Executive Director

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