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Last year, WCTV launched a podcast studio to help producers create content specifically for that platform. What’s a podcast? The simplest explanation is that it’s radio on-demand. Rather than tuning into a radio station to hear your favorite shows, you can listen to them anytime as a program, usually through apps like SoundCloud or iTunes. We also play Podcasts on our TV channels, but there is no video. These are audio-only.

WCTV’s Community Relations Coordinator, Lisa Kapala, and Wilmington Memorial Library Technology Librarian Brad McKenna are excited to announce the launch of their new podcast, “Bridging the Digital Divide”. Here’s Lisa with some background on the podcast and what it will include:

The idea for this fun and informative new show came from a meeting I had with Brad where he answered many of my questions about technology in general. My main goal was learning to better speak the “language of technology” and to be able to navigate my computer more efficiently. I got so much out of meeting with Brad that I decided to ask him to co-host a podcast series, figuring that many people were probably wondering about the same things I was. This will be the first podcast endeavor for both of us.

The first of episode of “Bridging the Digital Divide” covers the history of computers and the internet and will share some insights into the birth of tablets, e-readers and other devices. Future broadcasts will cover “technology-speak” (What do all those buzz words really mean?) and buying guide information. Brad has also created a Facebook page, where he’ll post more information and visual aids that go along with each podcast. We hope that the show will appeal to both the novice and expert. If you have future show ideas, you can contact me at

Click here to listen to the premiere episode of Bridging the Digital Divide.  Or search iTunes for WCTV Podcast.

Shaun Neville
Executive Director

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