NEW SHOW: Recreation Matters

It's easy to forget sometimes just how much the Wilmington Recreation Department is in charge of.

It's not just basketball and summer playground time. There are also legos, archery and even organized trips to places like Connecticut, Saratoga Springs and Alaska.

A new show on WCTV, Recreation Matters, will highlight some of the upcoming courses and activities put on by the Rec Department, as well as introduce you to the people who run the show.

Rec Department Director Karen Campbell along with Program Coordinator Jason Mainini are on set for the debut episode.  We look forward to having them back on for another episode this summer, outlining activities that are available to the community in the fall.

Special thanks to WCTV Community Relations Coordinator Lisa Kapala for helping to get the program together.  Do you have an idea for a show?  Give us a call or send an email.  We'll be happy to walk through process with you.

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