News and Notes

Some bullet points to get you caught up on the latest station activity…

  • Last week, I got to interview Samantha Reif, who is the town’s new Substance Abuse Program Coordinator. She, along with Police Chief Michael Begonis talked about her role and how it relates to the police department.  It was a really interesting 20-minute talk.

  • This Wednesday, we aired the monthly Board of Appeals meeting. WCTV has often recorded these meetings when a big issue was being discussed.  Going forward, you can now watch ALL of the Board of Appeals meetings on our Government Channel (or online here).
  • Our after-school youth programs have begun. We have Middle School kids here each week.  The North and West Intermediate students alternate which weeks they’re here. Look for videos soon that highlight the respective schools!
  • Reminder: Each week on WCTV Public, we do “Throwback Thursday”, highlighting programs from WCTV’s history. Most of them are community or school events that you may have attended 10…20… 30 years ago.  This “block” of programs goes from 10A-2P and then again from 7P-11P.  All the videos are also on our YouTube page, which is currently populated with more than 250 programs from the past 30 years.  More on the way!

Shaun Neville
Executive Director

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