One Awesome Show

Have you seen the latest cooking craze?  It's pretty simple actually...

Find a bunch of items, preferably with sugar or chocolate listed among the top ingredients.

Smash them, break them apart, melt them... and do taste-testing to make sure everything is right.  Then assemble.

The end product is usually something you can bring to your next holiday party... for dessert.

"4 Awesome Cooks" now has 3 episodes on our air.  The awesome cooks are Taylor, Marisa, Adriana and Danielle... although episodes also include guest awesome cooks Haeleigh and Kellie.  Shea and Jonathan have also helped with the productions.

You simply need to watch the opening of each show to realize that they have the right personalities for being on camera.

[vimeography id="39"]

This show is something that was developed out of our Youth Program. The girls were taught camera and editing skills, as well as how to storyboard and develop their shows ideas.  Then they ran with it...

It's exactly the type of show I love seeing on our air.  And while it is a bit loud in here during those youth afternoons, it means we're getting kids involved with WCTV.  And they're taking what they learn to make original programs.

Did you see the Rotary Auction video that debuted a couple weeks ago?  That was a youth project, done by Hayden and Nick... two longtime youth members who are always looking to help out.

Have you seen "I've Got a Theory!"?  Zach is currently in the lab working on episode 2.  Listen to not only what he's talking about, but also see all the creativity and special effects that Zach uses.

Our Facebook page and Education Channel (Comcast 99 / Verizon 39) are loaded with short video clips that have come out of our Youth Programs in recent months.  I've attached a couple of them below.

Look for more great programs in 2017.  And if this is something that perks your interest, give us a call!


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