Online Video On Demand

As many of you know, most WCTV programs are available not only on television, but also online.  For the most part, we direct people to our on-demand player.  From there, you can scroll through the latest videos or find your favorite program (like Book Stew or Where’s Wilmington) and get caught up on the latest episodes from those series.

That online video-on-demand (VOD) player also has a Playlist tab, where we’ve sorted videos based on category.  Wilmington Events has all sorts of content from across the community, while School Events has, you guessed it, all sorts of programming tied to the schools.  There’s also a Wildcat Sports playlist and a Meetings playlist.  You can guess what’s in those.

Outside of our main VOD player, we’ve also spent the past year or so archiving older programs onto our YouTube Channel.  It’s home to videos dating back 30 years in Wilmington and we’ll continue to digitize old VHS tapes and upload them there.

A reminder: We feature some of those older videos each week during Throwback Thursday.  Tune into our Public Channel (Comcast 9 / Verizon 37) each Thursday from 10A-2P and from 7P-11P to catch classic WCTV programs and Wilmington events.

VOD Tutorial:

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