Programming Notes: June 11th- 17th


Cops For Kids With Cancer: June 15th, 2017
The Shawsheen School and Wilmington Police Department hosted a "Cops for Kids with Cancer" event for Brodie Rawson on Thursday June 15, 2017.


Where’s Wilmington?: Wilmington Donates Facebook Group
Lisa welcomes the hardworking women behind the Wilmington Donates Facebook group to the show. Watch as they all talk about the generosity Wilmington residents have shown one another.


Board of Selectmen: June 12th, 2017
Monday night’s Board of Selectmen Meeting featured a lengthy discussion about the Butters Row Bridge reconstruction. You can check out the full agenda out here . Or click the link here to watch the video with the built-in chapter key to go directly to the public hearing.


School Committee: June 14th, 2017
Wednesday night's School Committee meeting featured several school presentations from the students of the Woburn Street school and iPods For Wounded Veterans. The School Committee also recognized the nine teachers retiring this year. You can check out the full agenda out here. Or click the link here to watch the video with the built-in chapter key to go directly to the scenes you want.


New video from Jamie Boudreau and Airgoz Aerial Photography. Let Jamie show you, “You Knew You Grew Up In Wilmington.” Airgoz airs daily on the WCTV Public Channel Comcats ch. 9 & Verizon ch. 37. Great video Jamie!


#TBT: Throwback Thursday
Don’t forget to tune into the public channel (Comcast 9 / Verizon 37) every Thursday for “Throwback Thursday,” for a blast from Wilmington's past. We're going back 12 years to the 2005 summer program. You may notice one of the students is our very own Youth Coordinator Kaileigh Bernardo.



Fun On The Fourth Schedule and Overview
WCTV intern Joey DeSario takes you through an overview of the weekend schedule for this year's Fun on the 4th festivities. Find out what day your favorite event is happening below.


Now This From The North Nurse
Mrs. Peachey and Mrs. Ferrara are back with two episodes of Now This From the North Nurse. In the first episode learn why you should always sit up straight. It's not just for posture, but for your health. In the second show learn what the signs are for recognizing rabies. With Summer vacation upon us it’s good to know how to stay safe over the break. Listen to those episodes and more in the “Now This From The North Nurse” playlist below:


Bridging The Digital Divide
This week Lisa & Brad take you through "The Internet Of Things" on an all new "Bridging the Digital Divide." Find out all the tricks and secrets of the World Wide Web.


Member Spotlight:
This month we shine the light on long time volunteer Paul Hipple. Click the image below to see what Paul had to say about his time behind the camera.

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