Programming Notes: Oct. 31st – Nov. 5th

WHS Boys Soccer VS. Wakefield
The October 18th Varsity Boy's Soccer Game sees the Wilmington Wildcats taking on the Wakefield Warriors. The game was held at Wilmington High School on Alumni Field. Thank you to Bob Boyce for filming and putting the game together.

The Horribles Parade
Sunday October 30th was the annual Horribles Parade. The event began at the public safety and concluded at the High School Cafeteria, where candy and other treats were handed out to all the children in all their creative costumes.

Split Rock At Hyper Text
Local author Holly Hodder Eger, held a lecture and reading of her book “Split Rock” at Hyper Text Cafe & Book Store in Lowell Massachusetts.

Where’s Wilmington?
Where's Wilmington host Lisa Kapala sits down with Jamie Boudreau of "Airgoz", aerial drone photography and takes a look at our town from the skies.If you want more information on Jamie and “Airgoz Aerial Photography” check out their videos here or on Facebook here

Book Stew
Eileen MacDougall is back for the November Episode of “Book Stew”. This month Eileen talks with local author of "Quickening" and "Bottomland," Michelle Hoover.

All About The Flavors
“All About The Flavors” is WCTV’s brand new cooking show. Expert chef Bob Hamel has years of experience in the kitchen. He’s now imparting his culinary expertise on the world. In the pilot episode “Red Spice Recipes”, Bob teaches you how to use natural herbs and spices to kick up your salmon and chicken kabobs.

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