Programming Notes: Sept. 18-24

This week's new programs include a few new locally produced shows and a couple nationally popular programs that are now on our air!

Wildlife of Wilmington

“Wildlife of Wilmington” shows us what's in Wilmington's backyard. This month’s episode captures some nightlife that might surprise you. Check out the latest episode to see what animals were near Aldrich Road in September.

Wilmington Town Museum: WHS Exhibit

Get an inside look at the Wilmington Town Museum with Museum curator Terry McDermott. Learn about their current exhibit: all about the history of Wilmington High School from 1915-2015. For more information, click here.

Producer Spotlight / The Board Room
This is a programming note double feature.

Lisa Kapala hosts “Producer Spotlight”, a behind the scenes look at brand new shows airing on WCTV. This spotlight is the producer and host of “The Board Room": 'The Chairman of the Board' Ronny D. The "Board Room" is a board and card game tutorial.

Watch both the Spotlight and the Board Room on the WCTV Public Channel: Comcast Channel 9 and Channel 37 for Verizon.

TED Talks and NASA 360
This week also saw the addition of two popular online web series to the channels. The Emmy award winning educational science/space program “NASA 360”, will be airing on the Education Channel (Comcast Ch. 99 & Verizon Ch. 39) weekday afternoons. Our second program “TED Talks” will be airing after 10pm on Tuesday nights, and after 11pm on Fridays. You can watch “TED Talks” on our Public Channel (Comcast Ch. 9 & Verizon Ch. 37).

“NASA 360” is an in depth look at the space program in America. The program showcase various topics from the space shuttle, life on Mars, and the Mars rover.

“TED Talks” is a daily seminar featuring one innovator that has had an impact on society via finance, politics, education, and even going as far as the entertainment industry. That person then gives a short speech on how they have succeeded in their industry, changed the world, or help make the world a better place.

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