Programming Upgrades

To Our WCTV Viewers:

We are in the midst of a upgrade to our playback and online video-on-demand system.  When complete, we hope it'll give our viewers a better experience on both television and the web.  While full details are coming once the system launches, here are some hurdles we have to get through first:

  • The online livestream of our three television channels will be down until Monday or Tuesday (March 6/7).  We anticipate having things back online well before Wednesday night's School Committee meeting.
  • At some point on Sunday, regular programming will be suspended on our channels so that we can begin required rewiring at our facility.  During that time, you'll simply see the Community Bulletin Board displayed on our channels.  Regular programming should resume by Monday afternoon.
  • Once this system launches, our online videos will move from Vimeo to an in-house system called Castus.  We believe this will be a better browsing experience for people checking out our videos on the web, but it will take some getting used to. (Videos currently on Vimeo will stay there, but we will not be adding more.)

Again, look for more details in the coming days.  We're excited to move ahead with these upgrades.

Shaun Neville
Executive Director

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