Remembering Joanne Benton

I didn't personally know former school superintendent Joanne Benton, who passed away this week.  But I've heard and seen from the community how much she meant to educators, parents and even students during her tenure.

Benton was named superintendent in 2007 and retired from the post in 2014.  Last fall, she was named interim superintendent as the School Committee focused on finding a permanent replacement.  The news was well-received and by all accounts, she fit right back into the role. Sadly, she had to step down last month due to health reasons.  I'm not sure many people knew just how serious things were.

We at WCTV wanted to dig through our archives to find a few clips from her tenure in Wilmington.  Her declining health meant Benton wasn't able to give a final goodbye last month before her death.  But we found a few old videos that certainly capture her spirit and her love of the Wilmington school district.  We hope they will give her friends and colleagues some fond memories of her time in town.

- Shaun Neville
WCTV Executive Director

This brief clip is from her first School Committee meeting as superintendent.  She had served for years as assistant superintendent, so was already a familiar face to the community.

Here is her final graduation address in 2014.

Here is her final School Committee meeting in June of 2014.  She is honored by the School Committee and talks about her 7 years leading Wilmington schools.


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