Social Media Forum

Have you heard from someone in town how BAD social media is? Are you sick of seeing posts or comments that just seem to stir the pot? Ready to just throw up your hands and give up on social media???

Well hold on...

What about all the good that can come from social media connections?

This first-of-its-kind forum will look at the role Facebook and Twitter (and Instagram) are playing in Wilmington. We're bringing together some of the people behind the town's biggest social media pages to talk about how they see social media as a TOOL to connect our community.

This event is being held in the Wilmington High School LGI (same location as the School Committee meetings) at 7PM on Monday, November 20th. It's open to the public and will be televised on WCTV.  You can RSVP by going to... where else... Facebook.

We'll have panelists from the Wilmington Apple, Wilmington Police Department, Wilmington Memorial Library and the Buzzell Senior Center.

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