Spring Concert Series

*Full disclosure: I’m a band nerd who played tuba at Wilmington High School and then later at Syracuse University.

This week, WCTV wrapped up its coverage of what I’d refer to as Wilmington’s spring concert series. Over the course of three nights (1 in April, 2 in May), nearly a dozen groups performed at Wilmington High School. First up, it was the Jazz Concert (the “Pops” show) in the auditorium, then a pair of events in the gymnasium: the Strings Attached show and the Band festival, each featuring kids from grades 4 through 12.

I’m not sure there’s exact count of the number of kids involved, but I’m sure it’s well over 500. Both shows in the gym were in front of packed bleachers. The videos are now getting a lot of clicks online, and not just from those who were at the show. It made me smile to see the Facebook comments from parents whose kids have already graduated. It says something about the music program in Wilmington that people feel so strongly connected to it, even years after their involvement.

When I met with parent groups attached to the Strings and Band programs over the past month, I noted that most of the moms and dads will pull out their cell phone cameras at some point to record parts of the show. And those videos are great. But there’s something to be said about a professional looking multi-camera production like what was put together for these three shows.

And it’s relatively easy to pitch in and help for these events and others like them. If you’ve got a kid or a family member in one of these programs, give us a call and tell us you want to assist in the next production (even if it’s just to operate a camera for a song or 3). The more people we can get involved, the better these shows are going to look. (and psst: they let our cameras get a lot closer to the action than your seat in the 5th row).

Anyways, please check out some of the programs (did you know you can download them for free?). At the end of the day, these aren’t about WCTV. They’re about the kids. We’re just happy to be the conduit to get these types of shows to you. Thanks to all those who helped make them happen.

Other Programming:
The much-anticipated Part 2 of Chicks with Sticks is now on the air. Thanks to Bob Boyce for his work in getting this done.

There were also a pair of meetings this week. The Selectmen talked about 4th of July, the new dog park and the new traffic lights on Middlesex Ave. The School Committee got details about a survey done with parents about their interactions with the school system.

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