Strategic Planning

Over the past 6 months, WCTV has been taking a hard look at our mission and how we serve the community. We've recently adopted official strategic goals that are not only in line with what we've always done and what we currently do, but where we're headed as an organization.  I'd like to lay out a few of the main points here.

Community Content
WCTV is home to content that you simply can't get anywhere else, whether it's the Selectmen, Wilmington High School sports or profiles of local clubs and organizations, to name just a few.  We want to continue to build content as a organization, while also welcoming in content from the public.  Whether you're interested in hosting a show, covering an event or simply sending in some videos you shot from around town, we're here to provide a public platform.

Youth Programs
Dozens of kids from Wilmington currently take part in our youth programs.  We want to not only be a place where kids can learn about multimedia production, but where kids can be creative and build content for the community.  We are looking to become more involved at the high school, where we believe there is a TON of talent in terms of video production.  We also believe that the Wilmington audience is interested in seeing what's happening inside the schools.  Who better to tell that story than the students who are there each day.

Beyond TV
Yes, we have 3 TV channels.  And yes, they will continue to be the featured location for viewers to tune in.  But we continue to build online as well, offering content through our website, social media, and hopefully coming soon, an app.  We are well aware that viewership habits are changing, especially among young people.  Our challenge is making sure that people who like watching us on TV can still do that, while also finding other places that Wilmington residents are getting their content.

WCTV has always been a welcoming place for the public.  Want to become a member?  Want to send us some video you shot?  Interested in learning how you might get more involved in covering community events?  We're just a phone call or email away.  Our staff provide training and we've got all the equipment. What we need is you to come in and show the community something special or produce a show that educates the public about a specific topic.  Don't be shy.  Being a welcoming place for new ideas is a foundational element of what makes WCTV so special.

Click here for a look at our revised Mission Statement.

Shaun Neville
Executive Director

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