Tribute to Frank Kelley

I am guessing that few towns have a figurehead with as much stature as Mr. Kelley. He impacted members of the community across generations and it seems like most people in town had met him at some point. Everyone smiles when you bring up his name. His death, while not shocking for a man his age, still hit many in the community hard. It was great to see Wilmington residents come together to not only remember Mr. Kelley, but also talk about what lessons we can all learn from him, even after he’s left us.

WCTV is proud to be a part of this conversation happening in town. We made it a point to record the eulogies (given by former Town Manager Mike Caira and journalist David Boeri), so that people who couldn’t make it to the funeral could still hear what was said. That clip became the most-watched video we’ve ever posted to our Vimeo website. We also re-aired an interview Mr. Kelley gave during our “Where’s Wilmington” program. And this week, a tribute show was put together. The hour-long program includes stories and tributes from those who were touched by Mr. Kelley over the years. The guests range from those in their 60s to a teenager.

Also going on at WCTV these days: a lot of Wildcat Basketball! Paul Curtain, Rick Aronofsky, Jim Buckley, as well as staff members Tom Pazyra and John Cimeno have been cranking out games. You can go here for our Wildcat Programming website. Also, remember, you can tune in each Wednesday and Friday nights on WCTV-E (Comcast 99 / Verizon 39) for the latest sports programming. Games start at 7P, 9P and 11P

More Programming Notes:

- If you haven’t yet seen the Red Carpet event from the Rotary screening of “Joy”, go check it out!

- The latest In The Loop is all about Kindergarten registration. Important info for parents of kids coming into the school system.

- Classic car fan? Check out highlights from last year’s Car Show at the Mason's Friendship Lodge

Other Stuff:

- The next big meeting on the future of the Fourth of July festival is February 10th. We’re working on logistics now to get that out live to the public.

- Civics Note: February 10th is also the last day to register to vote for the presidential primary. Massachusetts votes March 1st.

- Remember, membership is FREE and we offer all the training on state-of-the-art equipment. If you have a program idea or would like to cover an event in town, send us an email ( or give us a call (978-657-4066). We’d be happy to walk you through the process on how it all gets put together.

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See you all around town,

Shaun Neville
Executive Director

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