Update on Archiving

It's been two months since we launched Throwback Thursday on WCTV, loading up our new YouTube page with all sorts of content from the past 30 years in Wilmington. And the message has been received: you're interested in this type of programming.

So far, we've got more than a hundred videos uploaded (and more VHS tapes are being digitized each week), with an emphasis on major community and school events. We've highlighted a number of videos from the early 1990s that likely haven't seen the light of day in more than 20 years.  We're not only getting positive feedback from the community, but also, the stats don't lie: a lot of you are clicking on our page and browsing around.

A reminder that Throwback Thursday airs on our Public Channel each Thursday from 10A-2P and then again from 7P-11P.  Tune in for a a blend of older programs and images from years gone by.  We highlight a "new" program each week.  Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for posts each Thursday morning.

Here are some of the big highlights so far of what we've uploaded (click on the upper left hand corner to see the whole playlist:

15 High School Graduations

15 WHS Promenades

17 Good Guy Awards

Much more to come!!

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