Vote Early!

It’s usually not considered polite to bring up politics with an audience you don’t know too well; whether it be at work, getting your hair cut or waiting in line for lunch. But I’ve noticed an exception to this rule: it’s perfectly alright, regardless of political affiliation, to say how much of a relief it is that Election Day is almost here.

I think it’s fair to say, the race for President has worn a lot of us out, and that’s coming from someone who has covered the previous few elections up close. For the most part, people had their candidate picked out 6+ months ago. What’s followed is a battle for the undecided middle ground that has infuriated people on both sides of the spectrum.

So I’m here with good news. Election Day isn’t just almost here, it’s arriving early!

Massachusetts is the latest state to approve “Early Voting”. Starting on Monday, you can vote at Town Hall, casting the same ballot you’d cast if you wait until November 8th. Town Clerk Sharon George sat down with us this week to explain the process, both from her office’s end and from the voter’s side of things.

All early voting happens at Town Hall, regardless of which precinct you live in. It runs for 2 weeks and hours depend on the day. Check out the Town website for details.

Sharon George also recorded a separate segment walking through the specifics of this year’s ballot and a gave a brief synopsis of each of the four ballot questions.

While a lot of races are uncontested, the race for President and those ballot questions should drive a lot of people to the polls. And it’s never been more convenient to be part of the process. Go vote!

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