WCTV: Call To Action

Do you watch WCTV?  Have you been a member over the years?  Has your child gone through our youth program?

We need your help!

Wilmington Community Television has never been funded through tax dollars. Since our inception 30 years ago, funding has come through licensing agreements with the cable companies.  Those companies, currently Comcast and Verizon, agree to pay a small share of their cable TV earnings to support public access television, as part of doing business in the town.

The town is in the process of renewing the Comcast license, which expires next year.  As an early step, on Monday, February 13th, the Board of Selectmen is expected to hear from members of the community on the town’s cable related needs and customer relations with Comcast.  Specifically, we’re interested in hearing what you think about WCTV.

Think about how you "use" WCTV or whether you (or perhaps your organization) has benefited from work done by our staff or volunteers.  Have WCTV cameras been at an event you care about?  Have we helped promote a cause that's important to you?  Do you watch our programs or meeting coverage?  Have you been a member?  A volunteer producer?

You can come to the Board of Selectmen meeting on February 13th at 7PM and tell them what you think.  This is an informal process; even if you have 20-30 seconds, your opinion matters, not to just us here at WCTV, but to the town Selectmen.

Or there’s an easier route… you can write a letter or an email to the Board of Selectmen… giving your opinion about the station.  You can either send that letter directly to the Board or send it to me (sneville@wctv.org / 10 Waltham St. Wilmington MA 01887).  I’ll be collecting them and bringing them to the meeting that night.  Please make sure to address your written remarks to the Wilmington Board of Selectmen and leave your name and address (and any relevant position you hold in town).

The goal, from our perspective, is to show both the Board of Selectmen and Comcast that community media is important in Wilmington.

Since I took over WCTV a little over a year ago, it's been my mission to build partnerships across town, not for our benefit, but for the community as a whole.  I see WCTV not as the center of the action, but as a conduit to make connections and promote people, organizations and events.

Thanks for your support and please forward this onto anyone (anyone!) who you think would be an advocate for WCTV.  We're trying to collect letters of support by February 10th.

Shaun Neville
Executive Director
Wilmington Community Television

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