What Is WCTV?

Wilmington Community Television (WCTV) is a non-profit organization established in 1987 to serve the residents of Wilmington, Massachusetts.  Our mission:

Connecting Our Community

WCTV produces content for a Wilmington audience and seeks out producers from the community. It is a welcoming place for students interested in multimedia production. WCTV works with the school department on content and training. The facility is open to the public and welcoming of new ideas and new members.


WCTV Channels

Programs are broadcast on one of our 3 television stations, depending on the content:



(Comcast 9 / Verizon 37)

These programs range from coverage of local events, talk shows and original entertainment as well as church services and other religious programming.




(Comcast 22 / Verizon 38)

This is where you'll Board of Selectmen and School Committee meetings, as well as other major meetings being covered in town.  Other programs on this channel focus on how town and state government works.




(Comcast 99 / Verizon 39)

The focus here is on local educational programming, including school recitals, talent shows and concerts.  It's also where you'll find all youth sporting events and content from our Youth program.



What sort of programming can air on WCTV?

We accept all sorts of programs!  While most of our content is "Wilmington-centric" and focuses on issues facing the town, we also have producers who like to showcase their talents and interests.  That includes sports, tech or books, to name just a few.  WCTV doesn't rely on ratings to decide what constitutes a good program.  We are dedicated to working with producers on turning their vision into a reality.

That said, there are some things that cannot air on WCTV:

  • Commercial Programming or Advertising
  • Anything Obscene or Slanderous
  • Anything that Violates Copyright Law or FCC Regulations

There may be some programs that you disagree with on our air or find inappropriate.  But as a public access TV station, we have a responsibility to give a forum to anyone who wants to play by the rules.

There may be programming that airs on public access stations outside Wilmington.  Want it on our air?  You just need to fill out an import release form and become a sponsor (no cost) of that show in Wilmington.

Tours & Membership

If you'd like a tour of our facility (either a personal tour or a group event) or are interested in learning more about what WCTV does, contact us by clicking here.  Or, you can also find out more information about membership by clicking here.