WCTV Members Spotlight: Terri Marciello

This month we’re shining the light on Elderly Services Director Terri Marciello. Terri is a frequent collaborator with WCTV, and hosts “Let’s Be Candid About Elder Issues” on the WCTV Government Channel. We sat down with Terri to ask her a few questions. You can read that interview below and listen to the podcast she did with us:


WCTV: How long have you been an active member of WCTV?
TM: Let’s say about twenty years... wow has it been that long? Yeah twenty years give or take.


WCTV: How did you become involved with WCTV?
TM: We wanted to start filming the Senior Center Board of Commissioners meeting to let people know what was going on. That was a long time ago when WCTV was down at the Swain School.


WCTV: What’s it like hosting “Let’s Be Candid”?
TM: The First three minutes are always nerve wracking but once I get going I’m fine. It’s been a great experience.


WCTV: A lot of your seniors help film your show. How does that make you feel seeing them give back?
TM: It’s fantastic because our Men's group came here for a tour, and decided they wanted to help out. It’s actually a calming effect for me because I know who is behind that camera filming me. It’s absolutely wonderful.


WCTV: Is there any  projects you’d like to work on or film in the future?
TM: I’d like to plan my programming in a six month stretch. We are having a talent show in April, I’d love that to be filmed. From time to time it would be great to get snap shots of activities and events we have going on. Hopefully we can get more people into doing that stuff.


WCTV: Do you have any big plans or projects you’re going to try and get accomplished in 2018?
TM: Our theme for 2018 for the center is “Better Together.” So showing that as either working with students in the town; whether it is the high school or middle school get the kids working with the seniors would be great. Also this year senior housing is a big topic happening in town. That would be a great topic to get notice around the town on.


WCTV: Why do you think people should come to WCTV?
TM: It’s fun, it makes you think out of the box. You may reach people out in the community that you didn’t think you’d speak to. It’s a wonderful tool to help reach people in the community. It’s been very helpful having people who have seen me on TV, because it breaks the ice for when I need to meet people in the community. They’ve seen me on the TV and for them it's like they know me.

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