WCTV On the Go

I confess I did not sit through the entirety of Saturday's Town Meeting. While I spent the first couple of hours at Wilmington High School, I had to leave in the early afternoon to attend a wedding. But just because I was leaving Wilmington, and driving nearly an hour and a half to my destination, didn't mean I had to turn off WCTV's coverage.

I wanted to share my Saturday story, something which wasn't possible perhaps even 5 years ago.

After leaving Town Meeting, I had to go home to get ready. I turned on my SmartTV, clicked on the web browser and went to WCTV.org, which has a livestream of all three of our channels. I was able to watch coverage for a little while on my big screen, even without access to the WCTV Government Channel through cable.

But then it was time to go. Could I still keep up to date on the 40+ warrant articles left to be discussed?

I got in my car and pulled out my iPhone, again going to WCTV.org to pull up a livestream of our Government Channel. I then linked my phone to my car speakers via Bluetooth and suddenly, my car was immersed with the sounds of Rob Peterson pulling numbers from a jar and repeated requests of whether the article reads as it does in the booklet.

Now, that might not sound like your ideal audio of time in a car (I'm not sure my wife thought so). But it kept me updated on everything going on in real-time.  And I thought that was pretty cool.  Perhaps the next time you're on-the-go, and there's a live event happening in Wilmington, you'll be in position to tune in just like I did.

Town Meeting is now airing on our Government Channel a few times a week. You can also watch it through our on-demand player online, which allows you to click around to specific warrant articles you might be interested in.

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