WCTV’s Next Big Show Idea

A few months ago, we asked our volunteers and the community: What sort of programs would you like to see more of on WCTV?  Here’s what we heard:

Local real estate trends: This would be fun and could feature local realtors or other people who know the market.

Local youth sports events and games: Great idea. We know this is popular content in the community.

A show featuring vets and military families: Another idea that we think would be a popular program.

A wrap-up show with timely topics and clips of meetings: Other communities are starting to do programming like this, and I think there’s a lot of potential here!

Local places residents can go for a night out / Phantom Gourmet-style restaurant show: We’d love to have programming that showcases businesses like this and gives people a feel for what they’re like.

Other ideas included: Music shows, puppet shows, cooking shows, features on small businesses and a “where are they now?” program that features young adults who grew up in Wilmington.

So what do we do with this list?  Well, we’re already working to generate ideas on how we can turn some of these into reality.  But remember, this is COMMUNITY media.  And any one of you has the ability to say “Hey, that’s a good idea.  I think I could chip in on a program like that.”  Whether it’s hosting a show in studio or recording interviews and video in the field, residents are encouraged to participate at WCTV.

We’ll provide the training and technical assistance.  You just need to bring your ideas and passion to the table.  Got a show idea?  See something above that might be of interest?  Contact our Community Relations Coordinator Lisa Kapala to learn more about free membership (lkapala@wctv.org / 978-657-4066).

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